Carpet Cleaning Sydney

bri-tec cleaning solutions gives attentive customer service and is always available to answer questions about stains, odours, and carpet protection. And our truck-powered steam cleaning equipment is the most effective carpet cleaning method available. Day after day, dirt and other particles are ground into your carpet, causing its appearance to deteriorate. Regularly cleaned carpets last longer and prevent unnecessary wear. NO ONE cleans carpets better than bri-tec cleaning solutions.

Vacuuming is not enough

it can’t reach the dirt and grime trapped deep down in your carpet. Only steam cleaning reaches the ground-in dirt to brighten and renew colours for a more thorough cleaning. We recommend that you clean your carpets at least once a year.

We don't just clean carpets; our technicians are also experts in cleaning upholstery. We know the right cleaning methods for a particular fibre or fabric. Our steam-powered equipment will clean almost any sofa, chair or other piece of upholstered furniture.

A high quality carpet clean that is performed using a truck-mounted system unless not accessible, this clean meets the required standard for carpet cleaning

Premium Carpet Cleaning

Inspection - inspection of all the carpet areas and problem marks that may need attention.

Pre vacuum - pre vacuuming the carpet will help lift up to 75% of the soiling, dust & grit to insure a superior cleaning result.

Pre spray - a biodegradable solution is applied to breakdown soiling and general marks.

Deodorising - deodorising applied to areas to give your carpet a fresh fragrance.

Spot cleaning - spot clean stubborn marks using appropriate specialised products.

Steam clean hot water extraction - hot water extraction will thoroughly rinse Your carpet, leaving it clean fresh and dry enough to walk on.

Max area 16 metres squared from $40 per room

Minimum cleaning total $90.00

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