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Dust Mites - Are you living with the Enemy

Do you or does anyone in your family wake up itchy with red skin or irritated eyes? Perhaps someone experiences symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, blocked nose, tightness of the chest, head or sinus aches, a generalised depression for no reason, or still tired even though you've just slept?

Any combination of these is an indicator that the sufferer could be one of many Australians that suffer from some kind of allergy. The reason may be millions of dust mites that taken up residence in your carpets, upholstery or mattress.

It's technically not the dust mites themselves you are allergic to, it's the droppings they leave! Yes, they feed on dead skin cells and deposit their waste on and in your soft furnishings.

Dust mites tend to infest most households, you constantly shed skin cells and dust mites eventually show up. For those with allergies to dust and dust mites, this can become a serious problem. If you have dust mite allergies, the most important thing that you can do is control the level of the allergen in your environment.

You are most likely to encounter dust mites where you spend most time with little or no movement, for most people this is in bed. Dead skin cells on the surface of your skin constantly fall off to reveal newer living ones. In bed each time you roll over or shift positions, the dead skin cells are left on your bedding and in your mattress – a ready-made food source for the dust mites.

The best way to kill dust mites and remove their droppings is to have your furnishings professionally cleaned and sanitised. Our Dust Mite Cleaning service specialises in eliminating dust mites as well as other allergens and bacteria. It’s what we do best.

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